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In Cyberabad, a  9 year girl was molested when she playing on the terrace..the girl is the son of the security watchman..while the accused himself is a minor, just 14 years old, and resident of the same building. This 9 year old is traumatized beyond belief..she was molested by a boy she knew….

The boy is a resident of a building on Road No 6, Sai nagar of L B Nagar police station Limits…the girl and her family knew the accused boy’s family for last three years… the girl studies in a hostel …and had come for summer vacation to meet her parents who were watchman at the building… Girl’s Father says that from last few days, both the girl and the boy played  together…On Saturday,  as usual, the boy asked the girl to play, they both went on the terrace of the Apartment …..Suddenly the boy’s behavior was changed with the girl… Boy started pinching her and miss behaved with the girl…. Then girl got scared and ran from there, and told about the boy’s behavior to her parents….The girl’s parents complained to the apartment president..but he only spoke to the boy’s father…. but  neglected to take the issue and ensure appropriate action…So on Monday, the  girl’s parents came to LB Nagar police station and filed a  complaint against the  boy, that he have miss behaved with the girl. your social media marketing partner