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In a massive reorganization, Infosys is splitting itself into 12 to 15 smaller business units, each with revenue ranging between $500-$700 million, its own sales heads and P&L (profit & loss) responsibilities.

Currently, the organization is divided into four large verticals which are banking & financial services and insurance, with $3 billion in revenue; retail & life sciences, with $2.3 billion; manufacturing & hi-tech, with $2.2 billion; and energy & utilities, communications and services, with $1.9 billion. Each of these will be split into smaller units. At present the four verticals are headed by four presidents Sandeep Dadlani, Mohit Joshi, Rajesh Krishamurthy and Ravi Kumar. These responsibilities will be continued by them. But under each of them, there will be a greater number of independent units. your social media marketing partner