Black tea is obtained from the leaves of the shrub known as Camellia sinesis and it is more oxidized than the green tea and other tea varieties. It has a stronger flavor than other varieties of tea. The name Black tea is because of its dark colour. If you observe carefully, it is usually dark orange in color. Chinese refer it as red tea. The only concerning factor about black tea is it's caffeine content.



Black Tea and its advantages :


Preventing cancer :

Antioxidants like polyphenols in black tea helps to prevent the formation of potential carcinogens in the body which inturn prevents from ovarian, breast, lung, stomach and bladder cancers. The compound known as TF-2 contained in tea leads to death of cancer cells and allows normal cells to remain safe. A good news for smokers Black tea can also reduce the risk of oral cancer to those who smoke cigarettes.


Black tea eliminates Free radicals :

Free radicals can cause a lot of harm to the body such as atherosclerosis and blood clot formation. When one consumes unhealthy food the number of free radicals in the body increases. Antioxidants present in black tea help to remove such free radicals and protect the body from different ailments.


Black tea Boosts the immune system : 

It strengthens the immune system and fight with different viruses and bacteria that can cause illnesses. Tannin present in black tea has the ability to fight viruses like influenza, cold, flu, and more. People should try to drink 3 to 4 cups of black tea per day in order to reduce inflammations.


Brain and nervous system stimulation : 

The caffeine content in black tea helps to promote blood flow to the brain without the jittery feelings caused by high caffeine in coffee or stimulating the heart beyond the safe limits.


Benefits for digestion :

Consumption black tea daily helps in digesting the food quickly and also maintains immune system.


Black Tea for weight loss :

It also helps to boost the metabolic activities and thus helps in weight loss.


Skin care :

Black tea helps to decreases wrinkles and pimples, it also softens the skin and boosts the growth of skin follicles. your social media marketing partner